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Photography has many styles. A documentary or news photographer records the world as he sees it. A street photographer captures urban life. An advertising photographer sells products. A portrait photographer portrays human subjects to best advantage.

A fine-art photographer does not necessarily attempt to record the world literally. He interprets the world and sells his interpretations through galleries, art festivals, coffee table books, to collectors, etc. His art must emotionally connect to buyers or it does not sell.

I approach architecture from the fine-art tradition with a special affinity for abstract images. In addition to architecture, I am drawn to sweeping landscapes, hot-air balloons, waterfalls, atmospherics, and botanicals. I find majesty and beauty in them all and try to convey it in my work. I approach architecture in exactly the same way I approach non-architectural subjects.

Unlike nature, architecture exists solely because of the creative energy of the architect. Great architecture is art to begin with. I strive to interpret the architect's intention and, perhaps, add artistic insights of my own.

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Sulpted Gold
"Sculpted Gold" (Detail from Frank Gehry's Experience Music Project) ©Dana Sohm




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